Umrah Visa

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Traveleap offers one of the best and most speedy umrah visa services in Pakistan. Please get in touch with us for any queries or ambiguities you ma have in your umrah visa process. We are always there to assist you. Current visa rate can also be confirmed over the phone.


You need the following documents when applying for umrah visa from Pakistan.

  1. Original Passport
  2. Original ID Card
  3. 2 Photographs with blue background
  4. Polio Vaccination certificates

Besides the above the following may be needed in addition for certain cases:

  • Marriage certificates, in cases where surname of wife is different from Husband. This normally happens when the wife has her maiden (before marriage) name on the passport and/or ID card.This is also needed in cases where a married woman is travelling with her brother and her name on the passport and/or ID is that of her husband. If it sounds confusing, don’t hesitate to give us a call.
  • Proof of conversion to Islam. This can be obtained from your local mosque. This is only required for new Muslims.
  • NADRA NICOP. This is required in case a foreign passport is used for visa application and the applicant is also a Pakistani citizen. Please discuss your case¬†with us if your case falls under this category.
  • Form B (or Bay Form, as it is called). This is also needed in case of siblings traveling with different names
  • A security check of not less than Rs.250,000/- in cases where it is deemed required by our vusa staff.
  • Flights e-tickets and hotels vouchers, if the package is not booked through us. and sites where payment is made after arrival by the guest is not acceptable.


Umrah Visa Rules in Pakistan


Men below 40

In Pakistan, men below 40 years of age can not travel alone for umrah. They have to be accompanied by a female relative. This was introduced by Saudi authorities after repeated complaints of abuse of Umrah visa for labour and other purposes of absconding. The trend has been further harnessed by linking all ministries related to the Umrah and Hajj process and tight immigration control of Saudi government and a strict overstay policy.


Non Muslim Name

If a person has a non-Muslim name, due to recent conversion to Islam, a certificate from the local mosque certifying that he/she has converted to Islam is required. Such a certificate from another country where the conversion took place can also be acceptable. Please check with us for further details.


Validity of Umrah Visa

Umrah visa is valid for a total of 30 days from the date of issue. However, to offset certain things, you should be out of Saudi in a maximum of 28 days. This is manifested by all umrah packages being offered for a maximum of that duration.


Passport Validity

On the date of application of Umrah visa, your passport should be valid for at least 7 months. The minimum required on the date of travel is 6 months. Below this mark, you might face problems getting the visa or at the airport while boarding. Make sure all your passports are valid for the duration.

Women below 45

Women below 45, in Pakistan (as in all other countries), cannot travel alone for umrah, as long as they are not over 45 years of age. Below this age, they have to travel with a mahram. Mahram can be any blood relative and/or your husband. Please be aware of fraudsters promising to attach you with families. Never take a risk of doing something illegal.


Polio Vaccination

Polio vaccination is mandatory for all Umrah pilgrims from the last few years. You can get the drops from any closest government hospital. Private options are also there but they are almost all very expensive. However, it may depend on your locality. The vaccination cards are required to be submitted with passports, at least two weeks before departure.




Cities Allowed for Umrah Visa

Jeddah, Makkah and Medinah are the only three cities, you can visit on an umrah visa. Any people hoping to meet you while in Saudi will have to travel to one of these cities.


SAR 2000 Fee

The Saudi government has imposed an SAR 2000 fee on pilgrims travelling for umrah, either within Hijri year 1438 or 1439. This is a government fee and there are (unfortunately) no ways about it. You have to pay this fee if you have visited the holy places before in this or last Hijri year. Remember Hajj or Umrahs done before that do not count towards this. The fee is payable on top of the umrah visa fees already in practice.

Latest photographs

We all like our young looks but the photographs you send for the visa should be latest. The ladies should not have their face covered. Headcovers are fine, as long as they do not overly drop on the face and make recognition difficult.


Ports of Entry

Only Jeddah and Medinah are valid ports of entry for travel by air for umrah. Please do not book flights to any other airport, as for one you will not get a visa or will be denied boarding or worst come deported form Saudi Arabia.