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introduction to traveleap umrahTraveleap Pakistan’s main specialty is Premium Umrah. We offer these packages from across Pakistan. We have packages from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Sialkot and 40 other cities of Pakistan. Not only do we specialize in customized private family umrah packages but also do groups with and without scholars. We also specialize in umrah booked by overseas Pakistanis, whereby they are joined in Saudi by their relatives from Pakistan, or they want to come to Pakistan and travel with them. This is especially true for expatriates in the UK, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. Get in touch with us today for more details on such umrah offers from Pakistan. We can also do umrah visas from the UK. We assure you that our service culture will take you by surprise.

Best Umrah From Pakistan

umrah bargains


We specialize in top-notch pilgrim packages from 3 Star to 5 Star. Select one from the packages offered and book with us today. We make sure that you get star packages in a great price. Many of our customers have opted to book our packages for the value of money they offer. You don’t want to be stranded in a far-off accommodation with un hygienic environment while on Umrah? Do you? Why not book one of our starter 2/3 star packages instead to save you money and give you quality accommodation close to Haramain.

If you want the top of the line packages, we are the go-to company for that. With our international market experience and suppliers, you are sure to not go wrong. Get in touch with our experienced team to get the best of comfort and economy today.

*Please note that with a ticket, the prices will be different, as all prices mentioned are without airfare. The prices may also vary depending on the high season, availability of hotels and your requirements.

Based on their very positive response, We booked a 21-days ummrah tour with Traveleap and used them to arrange hotel,Air Flight and overland car transport booking for Round Trip (Jeddah to Makkah,Makkah to Madina, Madina to Makkah and Makkah to Jaddah). I found the service and response of Traveleap to be excellent. My emails were promptly responded to, and everyone showed up when they were supposed to.

Irfan Khan

Services Lahore

My family traveled with them in Pakistan and I found them loyal to their work. Umrah journey was really well planned and a lot of comfort. Keep up the good work.

Noreen Zafar


Umrah Packages Search

Umrah Packages Search

I recently booked my Umra trip with traveleap and this was one of the most wonderful trip of my life.The staff there really helped in each and every manner.I must say that services were par excellence, staff really cooperate.I have decided to make them tour operators for rest of my life.May Allah bless them all and they glow in glory.

Faisal Ghaffar

DHQ Attock

customer Reviews

Did you know that Traveleap is rated 5 out of 5, 100% of the times?

Moharram Packages

Ramadan Packages

Safar Packages

Shabaan Packages

Rabi Ul Awwal Packages

Rajab Packages

Solo Packages

Lone Traveler


Per You 

If you are going alone, need not worry. We have got you covered. The advice we have for you is book early and opt for sharing packages. As sharing packages have accommodation prices per person instead of per room, it will be more economical for you.

However, if you want a room unto yourself, we have options there as well. However, there are no single rooms in Saudi and your minimum costs will include payments for a double room beside private transfers costs born solely by you. Please keep in mind that you can not go for Umrah from Pakistan alone if you are not over 40 for a male and over 45 for a female.


Couple Packages

Couple Umrah Packages


Per Person 

What’s better than going for Umrah with your better half. Be it a trip right after marital bliss or commemorate an anniversary. Or even a surprise gift to your loved one. What’s better than being in the city of Allah SWT and Rasool SAW and be thankful for what Allah SWT has rewarded us with.

We have hotels close to Haramain and private transfers and VIP treatment to show your care to your better half, all customizable to your budget. Get in touch with us today for a detailed quote with guaranteed maximum options for couples. We will plan it like a family member with you. So, what are you waiting for. Pick up the phone and start making unforgettable memories.


Small Family

Family Umrah


Per Person

Give your kids the gift of their life by visiting the holy cities of Makkah and Medinah with them. The first-hand experience will not only increase their knowledge but also their interest in Islam. The blessing of an early age Umrah last for years.

We have a list of recommended hotels from the Elaf ,Ramada and Dar Al Eiman companies for your comfortable stay.

We are sure your loved ones will love this so much that you will want to go every year. So pack your bags and get their passports ready, for the trip of a lifetime.



2 Star/3 Star Package


Per Person

2 Star Dorah Dar Al Eiman Makkah

700 meters from Haram, 5 Nights

3 Star Dar Al Eiman Ohud or Dar Al Eiman Nour

250 meters from Masjid Nabwi, 5 Nights

Full Round Transfers from Jeddah to Makkah to Medinah to Jeddah/Medinah

Umrah Visas

Quad Sharing Basis

Triple: 42,500/-

Double: 57,000/-


3 Star Package


Per Person

3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Khaleel,

600 meters from Haram, 5 Nights

3 Star Dar Al Eiman Ohud or Dar Al Eiman Al Nour, 250 meters from Masjid Nabwi, 5 Nights

Full round transfers from Jeddah to Makkah to Medinah to Jeddah/Medinah

Umrah Visas

Quad Sharing Basis




4 Star Economy Package


Per Person

4 Star Elaf Al Salam Makkah,

1500 meters from Haram , 5 Nights

4 Star Elaf Meshal Al Salam Medinah,

375 meters from Masjid Nabwi, 5 Nights

First transfers Jeddah to Makkah

Umrah Visas

Quad Sharing Basis

Triple: 45,000/-

Triple: 53,500/-

*Shuttle Transfers in Makkah included

from Hotel to Haram and back.


Ideal for families

All our umrah packages are specially tailored keeping in mind that families are best taken care of. From personalized transfers to meet and greet to suggesting best accomodations, we strive to keep your loved ones happy when you book with us.

Unmatched Service Levels

Our expeience in the international markets make us best placed to offer premium services to our valuable clients in Pakistan. We know how to take care of your needs. So if you want choice rooms in one the top hotels, or want that comfortable GMC transfer, we are your best choice. And the bestt point is that we will get it done at best prices as well due to our combined buying power.

First timers need not worry

All our umrah packages include free umrah guide booklet and free umrah advice. If you have any questions regarding performing umrah or are confused about an umrah rite,our experienced team can answer almost all your questions. So give us a call today. We are the friendliest umrah operators you will come accross.

Extra Services

We also offer extra serivces that others can not like getting umrah visas for ladies whose Mahrams are in a different country, specially in UK or Mahram is in Pakistan and rest of family is in out of country. We can also accept payments for certain services in UK. There are host of other services as well. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Side Trip Specialists

We not only offer umrah packages but also have the biggest assortment of Muslim friendly holiday packages available to be added to your spiritual journey. So if you want to visit any Muslim or non Muslim country on your way to or return from umrah, we will make sure you have Halal food and prayer directions and no Alcohol hotel or resort booked for you and/or your family. Call us for more details. You will be amazed at options available.

Wide Range of Services

We pride ourselves in offering unmatched variety of umrah packages from across Pakistan. So no matter which city are you from and what budget you are on, you can alsmost be sure before calling that we have a package for you. We offer umrah visa services from both Islamabad and Karachi, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.

5 Star / 4 Star Package


Per Person

5 Star Dar Al Eiman Grand, 600 meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

4 Star Dar Al Eiman al Manar,

250 meters from Haram, Bed

& Breakfast, 5 Nights

Full Round Transfers in private suitable vehicle

Umrah Visa

Triple: 65,500

Double: 85,500/-


4 Star Medium Package


Per Person

4 Star Dar Al Eiman Ajyad,

300 meters from Haram, 5 Nights

4 Star Al Eiman Grand,

150 meters from Masjid Nabwi, 5 Nights

Full Round Transfers in Ford or Innova Car

Umrah Visas

Quad Sharing

Double:  83,000/-

Triple: 64,000/-


4 Star Medium Package 2



Per Person

Medinah First

4 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Qebla

180 meters from Haram, Room Only, 5 Nights

4 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Andlous

590 meters from Haram

Room Only, 5 Nights

Complete transfers from Medinah airport to Medinah hotel to Makkah to Jeddah

Umrah Visa

Triple: 54,500/-

Double: 72,000/-

Instalment Options

For the best value we offer we still keep your financial convinience in mind. So unlike many other companies, we do not need all the payment upfront. We first take a deposit, then flights payments and send you your tickets, then we confirm your hotels and take payment for hotels. Rest of the payment is needed with passports. This procedure is valid for bookings at least two months in advance.


Group and Customised Umrah Packages

We offer umrah packages suitable for all group sizes. Be it yourself traveling alone or with family or if it is a group of people traveling together, office collegues, peer bhais or any other set of people, we will suggest the most suitable hotels and transfers that will not only suit your budget but also suit the configuration in which you are traveling.

Largest Hotel Options

We have direct contacts with Dar Al Eiman, Al Ansar, Elaf, Ramada hotel companies and are actually one of the biggest suppliers of Makkah and Medinah hotels in Pakistan. So, we can offer you a range of suitable hotels that you can book for yopilgrimage.These hotels range from 2 to 5 stars.

4 Star Family Medium Package


Per Person

Suitable for a family of 5 with or without Kids

4 Star Al Eiman Al Andlous,590 Meters From Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

3 Star Al Eiman Al Qibla Hotel,150 Meters From Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

Both accomodations are Suites with 5 beds

Full Round Transfers in Innova

Umrah Visas


3 Star Family Starter Package


Per Person

3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Khalil, 600 Meters From Haram, Room Only, 5 Nights

3 Star Al Salihiya Golden, 200 Meters From Haram,Room Only, 5 Nights

Complete Transfers in Innova

Both hotels offered are with 5 Person Suites

Suitable for families traveling with kids or large families

Umrah Visas


4 Star Family Premium Package


Per Person

4 Star Dar Al Eiman Ajyad, 300 Meters from Haram,

Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

4 Star Al Eiman Taiba, 150 Meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast , 5 Nights

Complete Transfers in Innova

5 Pax  Suite in both Makkah and Medinah

Ideal for families with or without kids

Umrah Visa


Visa Documents Required
  1. Origional Passport
  2. Origional ID Card
  3. NICOP (In case of foreign passport)
  4. 2 passport sized Photographs with blue background
  5. Polio Vaccination certificates are no longer required for the visa process itself, but it is a good idea to get the vaccination done.
  6. Proof of relationship with Mahram.
  7. Nadra Form B in case of Children

In most cases, if your Mahram or family is not in Pakistan, we have available legal solutions for you to go together. Get in touch with us and what you think impossible might just be possible. Please note that we do not offer any services conflicting with Pakistani or Saudi laws.

Please see our umrah visa page for more details.

Umrah Visa for Expatriates
If you live and work out of Pakistan, you can send us a good scan of your passport copy by whatsapp or email and we can apply for your MOFA. You can then give us your passport on arrival. The minimum time required for this is one week. The time count will start from arriva of passport in Islamabad or Karachi.

As sending passporst to or from Pakistan is illegal, don’t do what you really don’t have to. Get in touch with us toda and we will make sure you can travel with your family hiccup free.

Please note that this facility might not be available certain times of the year.

Pricing Terms
Package prices do not include flights unless mentioned.

Meals are only included where mentioned. Room Only means no food included.

Prices mentioned are estimated on the basis of quad rooms accomodation unless otherwise mentioned and may vary depending on number of passengers traveling and time of the year.

Prices will be reduced for children and infants under 2. Children above 12 years are considered adults.

Passports are needed at least two weeks before departure. However for certain cases we can process faster. Please get in touch to discuss your specifics.

5 Star Starter Package


Per Person

5 Star Anjum Makkah, Overlooking Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

5 Star Crowne Plaza,  300 meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

Full Round Private Transfres in Suitable vehicle

Umrah Visas


5 Star Medium Package


Per Person

5 Star Royal Dar Al Eiman Al Safwa Towers Facing of Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

5 Star Grand Mercure Majlis 100 Meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

Full Ground services including pickup from Jeddah or Medinah to Makkah/Medinah to Jeddah

Umrah Visas


5 Star Medium Package 2


Per Person

5 Star Hyat Regency, 50 Meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

5 Star Millennium Al Aqeeq  50 Meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast 5 Nights

Ground transfers arrangements from Makkah/Medinah airport to Makkah/Medinah, back to airport

Umrah Visas


We know what we are doing

Alhamdo Lillah, our experience in the Hajj and umrah industry  makes us best placed to offer advice and services par excellence. So, don’t hold back any questions or calls, we are there to help all the time.


Get that free upgrade

For random customers , we upgrade your hotels or transfers. This is subject to availability of promotions and is not valid for all packages per say. This can include your hotels, transfers, adding free breakfast and so on. Book your umrah today and you might be the lucky one.

Ihram and Umrah Kits

We not only provide you with umrah packages but also cater to all your umrah needs. Be it an ihram or our complete umrah kit or any other item that you need for umrah, we send it with your passports. Umrah kits are included in certain packages and you need to pay their price in certain others.

5 Star Basic Package


Per Person

5 Star Fairmont Makkah Facing Of Haram, ,One Quad Room, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

5 Star Al Eiman Royal, 100 Meters from Haram, One Quad Room, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

Full Round Private Transfres in Suitable vehicle

Umrah Visas


5 Star Mid Range Package


Per Person

5 Star Royal Dar Al Eiman Al Safwa Towers Facing of Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

5 Star Grand Mercure Majlis 100 Meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

Full Ground services including pickup from Jeddah or Medinah to Makkah/Medinah to Jeddah

Umrah Visas


5 Star Mid Range 2 Package


Per Person

5 Star Hyat Regency, 50 Meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast, 5 Nights

5 Star Millennium Al Aqeeq  50 Meters from Haram, Bed & Breakfast 5 Nights

Ground transfers arrangements from Makkah/Medinah airport to Makkah/Medinah, back to airport

Umrah Visas



24/7 Pilgrim Helpline

We don’t forget you once you have traveled. We have a dedicated whatsapp and phone line for any problems you face in your umrah trip. We have one of the best resolution staff that will take care of your problems at the soonest insha Allah.

Ziarats in Saudi

Ziarats, although, not part of the packages above, can be added for very little cost. You are shown holy places both in Makkah and Medinah by an experienced driver that speaks Urdu/English/Arabic. So, let us know if you want to add ziarats to the package and we will be happy to oblige.

Accessibility from Across Pakistan

No matter where you book your packages from, your passports will ultimately come to Islamabad for processing.. Why not book with a trusted agent in the first place. No matter which part of Pakistan are you from, we can book flights, process visa and deliver all our trademark services from there. So give us a call and book today. We already have clients traveling with us from across Pakistan.

Umrah Packages FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Umrah Packages

Is the SR2000 fee applicable on me?

The Saudi fee of SR 2000 has been implemented for the last couple of years to those who have gone for Umrah in the last Hijri year or this one. If you are still unsure, you can use the link below to check your passport details against the fee. Please note that from February onwards, the fee is also subject to an added 5% VAT.

The link is here.

We can not be more transparent than this 🙂


Where can I get help on how to do Umrah?

When you book with us, we send you extensive resources on the topic. You can ask for them to be sent in an email. We can also give you a free printed guide. It is important to have enough information before you leave. Prepare as much as you can.

By the way, even if you don’t book with us, you can ask for both the above free of cost.


I am not currently in Pakistan, Can I book with you too?

As such, you can book umrah packages with us from anywhere in the world. From UK, we can also manage your umrah visas, if you are travelling with your family from there. Other parts of the world, you can check if we have a partner company there. Otherwise, you will have to just do umrah visa yourself. You can take advantage of the amazing discounted hotel and transport fares that Pakistan gets due to sheer volume. It is also a fact that we have cheaper prices from US, Europe, Canada and Australia. We can also book flights for you from almost all parts of the world.

Do you provide Ihram and other accessories too?

Not only Ihram, we have everything that you need on an Umrah trip in shape of an Umrah Kit. Of course, you can buy Ihram ladies and gents and kids Ihram and Sandals and all else at amazing prices when you visit us separately as well.

How much should I take for food and other expenses?

We can not, of course, suggest what you take for gifts and shopping. But food is around SR10-15 per person per meal on regular Pakistani food outlets. The portions are quite good in Saudi, so 2 plates are good for 3 persons easily (varies from person to person).

Where can I find Pakistani food shops in Makkah and Medinah?

In Makkah, Ibrahim Khaleel street has some really nice and inexpensive ones. There are a lot of them in clock tower as well, if you are feeling like spending. But be sure to check the quality and taste first, before ordering for the whole family. Most food can be literally salt and pepperless, so our Pakistani spicy buds might not enjoy them a lot. Obviously, it is a matter of personal choice as well.

Why should I use a Travel agent to book my Umrah?

The real advantage of booking with a travel agent is, to book everything with them and then leave it with them to arrange it all. The agents manage all services on the basis of their experience in a way that is more professional than a regular traveller. The same is true for any profession. For a professional, yours is package number one thousand something. For you, package one.

The DIY approach can backfire in many ways, especially for umrah bookings.

What is standard umrah visa processing time?

The answer is none. With Saudi visa landscape changing very fast, you can never specify a time in advance. Normal time these days is 4-5 days. However, it may take longer. Two, even, three weeks are possible, if there is a quote in place or there are unanticipated delays at the embassy. For example just this week, a biometric procedure has been introduced by the Saudi embassy in Islamabad. This can lead to a couple of days delay on top of regular times.


What is bio metric?

Biometric or fingerprint recording system for all Umrah pilgrims has been introduced by the Saudi embassy, from February 2018. The biometric will be done through Eitmad offices in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. There is widespread disagreement and dissent from agents in the said implementation, but right now, this needs to be done. The fee is expected to be around Rs.600 per pilgrim. Only under 12 and over 70 are exempt from the rule. Please contact us for more updated info on this.

What is the minimum and maximum umrah duration I can book?

An Umrah takes around 4/5 hours for first-timers and even lesser for experienced people. So you an even perform an umrah in a transit to any other country. This is to say the minimum duration is one day. Maximum has been set at 28 days. So the total duration can be anywhere between 1-28 days.


I am confused how to split night in Makkah and Medinah

There are a few practices. You can choose any of them.

  1. Split the total duration in half. Let’s say 5 nights Makkah, 5 Medinah
  2. Some people prefer 8 nights in Medinah to complete 40 prayers in the Masjid Nabwi.
  3. Go to Makkah first for a few days, perform umrah, go to Medinah, come back to Makkah and leave from Jeddah. So, say for example, 3 nights Makkah, 5 Nights Medinah and 3 Nights Makkah again.
  4. You can follow your own heart and mind and we are there to advise and help.

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30 percent increase in umrah pilgrims by 2020

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First things first, whereas most of us would like to book a really cheap umrah package, there is no way around a quality umrah service in the competitive market today. So, if someone offers you a really cheap package, you will pay in some other way when...

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