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Halal Beach Resorts

 We have contacts with Muslim friendly beach resorts across the world that offer packages which include separate swimming pools for ladies and kids, separate spas and other family fun activities. And what’s more, there is unlimited Halal food included in the packages. 

Cultural Excursions

 Muslim heritage is scattered across the globe. We design trips to almost all parts of the world for groups and families alike, to enable you to see all parts of the world to witness our inspiring past. Get in touch today for special discounted fares and seamless arrangements. 

School Trips

 We specialize in school trips around the world. You can take all the worries off your head and plan one to almost any country. Starting from Visa processing to accommodation to transfers, you will not find a better option with anyone elseGet in touch today for more details. 


 We offer Ziarat trips to Palestine, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Get in touch today for a completely managed trip for your family or group.  Passport restrictions for certain countries apply. 

Hotel Bookings

 Traveling for business or leisure to any country in the world? you can rest assured, we will have a hotel that offers Halal food and is Muslim friendly. We have such hotels in even non-Muslim majority countries, Europe and US. 

Seamless Transfers

 We can arrange a pick and drop, almost anywhere in the world. We have economy to VIP transfer partners across the globe that can off to pick and drop you off anywhere you need them. So, don’t plan that next trip without booking transfers through us. 

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