Hajj Packages

Economy Plus Hajj Package



We will be using Saudi airlines last flights for Hajj for our esteemed pilgrims. The arrival will be at Jeddah and return will be from Medinah.

Makkah Hotel

Makkah Hotel, as part of our Hajj Package will be 700-800 meters from Haram Shareef. The sharing will basis will be four to five people in a room. Syat duration will be 18-20 days

Medinah Hotel

Medinah hotel will be located in Markaziya area close to Masjid Al Nabawi. Stay in Medinah will be 8-9 days based on 4-5 sharing a room.

Stay in Aziziyah

Total Stay in Aziziya will be 7-8 days. This will be a stay of 2-3 days before Hajj and 4-5 days after Hajj in Azizia near Jamarat. Sharing will be gender based and based on 6-7 sharing.

Maktab Number

Our Maktab Number will be 61 and 63. Sofa Bed in air conditioned tents with full board meals are part of the package.


Air Conditioned marquees in Arafat will be provided.


Two dish meal will be provided during stay in Makkah, Medinah and Aziziyah. Full board during Mina stay with Tea and water services.


Transfers for whole of Hajj will be covered in the company’s own transfer vehicles from Jeddah to Mecca to Medinah and back to Jeddah. 


Qurbani is not included in the package. 

Pre Hajj Seminar

A pre Hajj training Seminar will be conducted to train pilgrims on Hajj Rites and flow of itinerary.

Hajj Kits

Free Hajj Kits will be part of the package including goodies and training material. 

Moon Sighting Adjustments

Final Itinerary is subject to moon sighting and hence subject to minor changes. FInal itinerary will be handed over before departure to all pilgrims.