Baku is fast becoming a hub for Pakistani holidaymakers. It is now the new Dubai in terms of Tourism trends. People from all over Pakistan want to go to Baku to experience something they have not, before. The cultural experience is awesome. The hospitality is unmatched. We have special deals for Baku.


Qatar Airways with a StopOver in Doha

Turkish airlines going via Istanbul


Fly Dubai with Stopover in Dubai.

Air Arabia with a stopover in Sharjah (Normally the Cheapest option)

Qatar Airways with a stopover in Doha


Uzbek Air with a stopover in Tashkent (Cheapest option)

Qatar Airways with a stopover in Doha

Turkish airlines with Stopover in Istanbul


Fly Dubai with a stopover in Dubai

Turkish airlines with StopOver in Istanbul

Qatar Airways with StopOver in Doha

Air Arabia through Sharjah


Fly Dubai with a stopover in Dubai

Air Arabia with a Stopover in Sharjah

Qatar Airways with a Stopover in Doha

Air Arabia:

Air Arabia Logo

Although the airline worked out reasonable in terms of price, unfortunately, it comes with the usual low-cost carrier repute. You can take Air Arabia flights from Sialkot, Karachi, and Faisalabad. Also be aware that the prices might not always be the cheapest so don’t take it for granted.

Fly Dubai: 

Fly Dubai Logo

Fly Dubai with a stop over in Dubai is also a viable option in terms of price. However, be sure to check the details of prices when you book as you have to pay for almost everything extra. It is a good option though if you want to combine Dubai and Baku in one trip.

Qatar Airways: 

Qatar Logo

Qatar airways is a bit on the higher side of fares normally for Baku, as it is for quite a few other destinations. However, it is the other name of comfort. Repeatedly, it has been named the airline of the year by Skytrax airline awards. You can use Qatar Airways from all major airports in Pakistan. If you want, you can also stay a few days in Doha where Pakistanis are welcomed with a visa on arrival these days.

Turkish Airlines: 

Turkish airlines logo

Ranked number 18 in world airlines, Turkish Airlines also flies with just one stop to Baku. The stopover in Istanbul can also be extended for some tours of Istanbul.

There are other options available too but they have more than one stops. You don’t want to sleep at 5 airports before you get to Baku, Do you? So, let us know if we have missed some information that you were looking for. And we will be happy to add it here. We have one of the largest varieties of flights available for Baku and the rest of the world. Please feel free to call us at 051-8350612 for latest prices and fares.




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