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Cease Operations

As of October 6, 2018, Shaheen air has ceased to operate. Therefore we are unable to offer its fares. 

Shaheen Air a private Pakistani airline. The company headquarters is at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan. Shaheen Air serves the major cities of Pakistan, of China and the Persian Gulf. The Airline is multifaceted an provides services in passenger, cargo and chartered travel.This carrier was established by Khalid Mehmood Sehbai. He was also the airline’s first chairman. The airline name was inspired by the high-flying raptor bird greatly admired by Allama Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan. The airline hosted nationwide flights from its main hubs and provided excellent services to demanding customers.
Currently, Shaheen Air is the second largest airline of Pakistan. Shaheen Air also operates between Pakistan and numerous destinations in the Middle East and China’s Guangzhou Region. With a growing demand, Shaheen Air has also introduced flights to Riyadh from Multiple Destinations. It is also among the few Pakistani airlines that have its own engineering and maintenance services that not only operate on Shaheen Air’s own planes but others international airlines as well.More recently, Shaheen Air has commenced services between Islamabad and Manchester. Several other destinations are also scheduled to assist in travels of passengers to Bahrain, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Denmark, Malaysia Norway, and Qatar, and most supremely to Shanghai.
Brief Histroty
Shaheen Air was founded in December 1993 although the travel operations did not begin until 25 October 1994. The main focus area of the airline is Northern Pakistan, domestically. Even though the primary hub of Shaheen Air is at Karachi, it has secondary hubs in Islamabad and in Lahore. Soon after Shaheen Air introduced its cargo shipment facilities, as well as its special services that require shipments that are time-sensitive in nature, like shipping human organs for transplant patients and air ambulances.
Shaheen Air has 17 aircrafts that include, five Airbus A319-100, eight Airbus A319-100 and four Airbus A330-200.

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