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Domestic Flights From Islamabad

Islamabad to Karachi

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Islamabad to Lahore

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Islamabad to Dadu

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Islamabad to Quetta

From Rs.12,000/- per person

Domestic Flights From Lahore

Lahore to Islamabad

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Lahore to Karachi

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Lahore to Dadu

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Lahore to Quetta

From Rs.12,000/- per person

Domestic Flights From Karachi

Karachi to Islamabad

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Karachi to Lahore

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Karachi to Dadu

From Rs.14,000/- per person

Karachi to Quetta

From Rs.13,000/- per person

International Flights from Islamabad

Islamabad to Toronto

From Rs.1,35,000/- per person

Islamabad to Dammam

From Rs.66,000/- per person return

Islamabad to Jeddah

From Rs.48,000/- per person

Islamabad to Riyadh

From Rs.54,000/- per person return

Islamabad to Dubai

From Rs.29,000/- per person

Islamabad to Brimington

From Rs.75,000/- per person return

Islamabad to Manchester

From Rs.75,000/- per person

International Flights From Lahore

Lahore to Toronto

From Rs.1,33,000/- per person

Lahore to Dammam

From Rs.68,000/- per person return

Lahore to Jeddah

From Rs.49,000/- per person

Lahore to Riyadh

From Rs.58,000/- per person return

Lahore to Dubai

From Rs.28,000/- per person

Lahore to Brimington

From Rs.1,29,000/- per person return

Lahore to Manchester

From Rs.1,29,000/- per person

International Flights From Karachi

Karachi to Toronto

From Rs.1,36,000/- per person

Karachi to Dammam

From Rs.66,000/- per person return

Karachi to Riyadh

From Rs.56,000/- per person

Karachi to Brimington

From Rs.1,36,000/- per person return

Karachi to Manchester

From Rs.1,36,000/- per person

If your destination is not on the above list, do not worry. We have all major fares for all PIA destinations. Please let us know your dates and we will be happy to help you with an amazing fare. 

Even though the airline is going through major restructuring since 2016, the PIA has a stellar history and unfathomable potential. PIA is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. Karachi is it main hub while its secondary hubs are Lahore and Islamabad.
As of 2017, PIA has 32 passenger Aircraft, 11 Airbus A320-200, 5 ATR 42-500, 5 ATR 72-500, 6 Boeing 777-200ER, 2 Boeing 777-200LR and 3 Boeing 777-300ER. Also in 1985, five new Boeing 737-300s were introduced to PIA’s fleet, making PIA the first Asian airline with such a diverse aircraft fleet. PIA also facilitated to establish Emirates by leasing two of its aircraft that were an Airbus A300 and a Boeing 737-300, as well as providing mechanical and managerial support to the nascent carrier in the mid-1980s.
PIA Planetarium was opened in Karachi as well as planetariums in Lahore and Peshawar. These planetariums presented retired PIA aircraft on demonstrations for informative and observational purposes.
Brief Histroty
The airline was founded on 23 October 1946 as Orient Airways. It was formerly centred in Calcutta before the Partition of British India. Orient Airways was nationalized on 10 January 1955 and renamed as Pakistan International Airlines. In 1955, PIA’s first international flight was en route to London, via Cairo and Rome. It was the first Asian airline to fly the Lockheed Super Constellation. More recently, it was the launch customer of the Boeing 777. The airline also owns The Roosevelt Hotel and Sofitel Paris Scribe Hotel.As of 2016, PIA is going through a procedure of privatization to shift management to the private sector. PIA operates scheduled services to 22 domestic destinations and 28 international destinations across Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. It operates nearly 100 flights daily.In 1961, the airline announced its first trans-Atlantic course from Karachi to New York via London. In 1962, it expanded its fleet by placing orders for Boeing 720s, Fokker F27 Friendships, and Sikorsky helicopters. Also in 1962, a PIA Boeing 720B from London to Karachi established a world record for speed over a commercial airline flying with a speed of 938.78 km/h, a record which still holds to this day. When diplomatic ties between Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China were established, PIA started flying to Beijing in 1964, became the first airline of a non-communist country to fly to China. In 192, PIA introduced a new international route to Tripoli, with the establishment of cordial ties between the Libyan and Pakistani governments.The latter half of the decade witnessed further expansion of PIA’s fleet with the introduction of Boeing 747s through either leased or purchased aircraft. During the 1980s PIA was regarded as Asia’s best airline. The Somali Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Air Malta and Yemenia are just a handful of airlines that benefited from PIA providing technical and administrative assistance as well as by leasing different aircraft to these foreign airline companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PIA flying from UK to Pakistan?

Yes, PIA flies to and from Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and London.

How many planes do PIA have?

PIA is Pakistan’s largest airline and operates a fleet of more than 30 aircraft.

Are there any COVID requirements?

All passengers travelling from Pakistan have to submit a negative PCR test result for a test taken within 96 hours before departure. They are also required to install passtrack app. A form needs to be filled on the app and it needs to be submitted before their flight. 

Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the Corona test only if they are travelling with their parent. 

If they are travelling unaccompanied, they need to get PCR test done. No boarding pass will be issued before the presentation of a negative PCR test result. 

How much hand carry baggage allowed in cabin?

7 KG maximum on economy & 12 KG maximum on executive economy (business class).

What is the baggage allowance for PIA from UK?

40 KG

What planes does PIA use?

PIA is Pakistan’s largest airline, PIA has a fleet of modern aircraft: BOEING 777, Airbus A320, ATR.

What is executive economy in PIA?

To offer all kinds of comfort and convenience, PIA has introduced Executive Economy class in 2019. Add that to additional facilities and special privileges, like you are flying Business Class, but at lower prices.

What is PNR number PIA?

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) will provide you the real-time status of your flight booking.

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