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Who are Air Help?

Air Help is a Hong Kong based company that basically helps passengers get compensation for airline delays. As they process a large number of claims for passengers around the world, especially for delays in flights, they have naturally accumulated data for almost all airlines operating around the world. The measurement is based, hence on three main factors:

  1. Airline Punctuality
  2. Quality of Service
  3. Claim processing in case of flight delays.



Airlines around the world strive to be the best in services and punctuality. They also are willing and sometimes (as in EU and US) bound by law to compensate passengers for any delays in flights. People around the world use air travel to reach their work commitments in time and a delay can be devastating to businesses and careers. EU regulation, EC 261, renders passengers the right to be compensated for flight cancellations.

Quality of Service

Airlines Services

Airlines focus on the quality of service provided to customers around the world as their foremost duty. As part of the air help complaints, customers are asked about the service provided to them. This has given them this ranking factor information.

Claim processing

Claim processing

When a flight is canceled or delayed and a customer opts to take help from the air help claim department, this metric shows how cooperative and efficient, the airline is in processing such claims. An airline can cancel flights due to many reasons, some of them, sometimes even beyond their control. However, it is important how they address the grievances of the passengers after the debacle.

Pakistan Aviation industry

Pakistan aviation industry

As always, the report does not reflect nicely on the only major player in the Pakistan aviation sector, PIA. The airline has been ranked third worst in the world, followed by WOW airlines and Royal Jordanian. Somehow, despite positive steps by the recent management, the airline manages to get some bad press. The unlucky carrier has been struggling to make profits and reach service standards of the world leading airlines.

Difficult as it is, we feel that there is no better way to reverse all this than fly more and more with the airline.







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